Road signs, advising against dumping grass cuttings in ditches, on the old Cavan road in Kells, have been heavily criticised on a local notice board.

Posting on the Facebook site, Kells News, Coilin Mac Ruairi said,’ What’s with the signs on the old Cavan Road warning against grass dumping in the ditch. Whilst I have no problem with its premise I’m concerned about their position on the road.

They are a distraction to motorists and lots of kids play in the area so it’s a recipe for disaster. Do signs not have to have planning permission and ironically are they not classed as littering?????’

Gillian Galligan went a step further saying, ‘Personally I think they are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye, cheaply made and lower the tone of the area and I give it 2 weeks tops before someone knocks them. I’m also not happy with one of them facing my view. 5 of them is a bit much. I have no issue with grass dumping as it eventually composts itself. The issue I have along this area is the dumping of household waste, so why not just put one large sign up to say no dumping.’