Fianna Fáil councillor Tommy Reilly has told Meath Live of how his granddaughter who sustained injuries in a car crash last night left Our Lady Of Lourdes hospital in Drogheda in frustration at 3.20 am this morning after waiting almost seven hours and receiving no medical attention.

He blasted, ‘Don’t think I am saying this because a family member has been injured and caught up in overcrowding I have been consistent in my opinion on this, the decision to downgrade Navan A&E is a disgrace and is beginning to look more disgraceful by the day.

‘The top men in the Lourdes are on record as saying they cannot take more patients in the A&E and this illustrates how right they are, Daena was involved in a collision near Navan tennis club and was taken to the Lourdes by ambulance.

‘She was there at approximately 8 pm and by twenty past three in the morning she hadn’t been seen by medics and just gave up and went home to her own bed.

‘And this is one of the main hospitals the HSE tells us can take the overflow from Navan when the A&E there is closed.

‘Remember it was my family member last night next time it could be you or yours that is why we as a community have to fight to retain services in Our Ladys.’