THE SAVE NAVAN A & E CAMPAIGN heads to the offices of the HSE in Kells today at 1.00 pm.

The campaigners are not letting up on their determination to demand a complete rethink.

There has been several protest marches in Navan that where attended by thousands of  people of the county.This time it

heads to the offices of the ‘decion makers’ at the HSE to voice their feelings.

Despite a review process that is in place, there is no confidence, in the manner in which it is being orchastrated.

We also had a ‘hold’ put on the decision by the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly. It was  still apparently challeged by HSE chief

Paul Reid who has stepped down around that time. Questions are being asked about the timeline and the way he handled it.

Also thrown into the pot is the signature by over 24 Consultants in Our Lourdes Drogheda who

say they cannot deal with the extra burden that will come from more patients coming from Navan.

We can only wait and see what the turnout will be like and how this effects the continuing battle by the campainers.

We also saw the response from a set of questions we put to all 40 elected members of Meath county council.

All of  whom replied in one shape or another are opposed to the sevices at Navan being downgraded. will be there to update and inform as to how the day develops.