One of the most iconic actors to portray master spy James Bond, Navan’s Pierce Brosnan, has come out in support of the Save The Boyne Campaign.

The campaign is fighting a battle to prevent the Dawn Meats company from pumping treated effluent into the river Boyne.

The company have been given permission by the local council to install a 7.2 km pipeline from their HQ near Navan ,down to the river.

Now Brosnan has joined battle with them and has madea video in which he pleads with Meath County Council to think again.

In the 71 second clip the actor who starred in four Bond films says, ‘ Water is our most precious natural resource, seventy thousand people get their drinking water from the river Boyne.

The majestic betula pendula tree standing sentinel beside the River Boyne, unfolds its graceful branches, casting a serene reflection upon the water and adding an enchanting touch to the picturesque landscape.

‘The river Boyne is one of most important sites for salmon in the east of Ireland and home to rare plant species, I grew up on the banks of the river Boyne where it meets the Blackwater, it is one of the most beautiful rivers in Ireland and should be nurtured and cultivated.

‘Waste from the Dawn Meats abattoir should not be discharged into the river Boyne I appeal to the Meath County Council to protect the river Boyne and their community.’