A couple in their seventies, one of whom is recovering from cancer, are living in ‘absolute fear’ after been the victims of two arson attacks, in what is believed to be a case of mistaken identity in the Drogheda drugs feud.

One of the attacks took place when the couple had just returned from a close relatives funeral and that saw neighbours having to help the elderly duo to escape at 2 am.

Local councillor, and former Mayor of Drogheda, Pio Smith, told Meath Live, ‘This is a bad situation and what makes it worse is that the woman involved is battling breast cancer.

‘That ladys sister died recently and the night of her funeral the first attack was launched and it could have has devastating consequences but for the quick thinking of neighbours and the fast response by Gardai and the fire service,

‘Thugs set the couples refuse bins ablaze and paid no heed to the fact they were located beside a gas tank, only for people shifting the burning bins the whole place could have gone up.

‘They woke the couple up at two in the morning and got them out in a hurry.

‘That was on September 4th and three days later the thugs returned and poured petrol around the front and side doors before igniting it and again the emergency services saved the day.

‘The couple are now in absolute fear although as I understand it Gardai are certain it was a case of mistaken identity as the neither the couple or their extended family have anything to do with drugs.

‘Look you know as well as I do that drug debt intimidation of family members is rampant across Ireland and Drogheda is no different but this time they targeted completely innocent people.

‘Youngsters who owe a drug debt themselves are told to do these kind of jobs and they get high in order to have the courage to do it so mistakes are made and this could have been a tragic one,’

Gardai confirmed investigations are ongoing, a spokesperson saying, Gardaí responded to reports of a fire outside a residence in Drogheda, Co. Louth on Sunday, 4th September 2022 at approximately 2.50am.

‘Fire services attended and extinguished the fire.

‘Enquiries are ongoing at this time

‘Gardaí attended an incident of attempted criminal damage that occurred outside a residence in Drogheda, Co Louth at approximately 1am on the 7th of September.

‘No arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing.’