A restaurant owner in Duleek has gone bananas over pyjamas after a number of punters turned up for breakfast wearing their night attire,

Now Ciara Lynch Burke has issued a ban on pyjama wearing at her popular Sage and Stone eaterie although she is prepared to overlook onesies!

She told Meath Live, ‘Some onesies are fashion items and they are okay, I’d like to think I can distinguish one of those from a onesie that is for the bedroom, and we are not allowing negligees either.’

Ciara started a social media storm when she posted about her proposed ban after two women arrived wearing pyjamas en route to catch a flight at Dublin airport.

She revealed, ‘ I dropped in after leaving the kids to school and one of the staff pointed them out to me as they sat eating their breakfast, it wasn’t the kind of situation where you could say very much but I decided they would be the first and last to do it.

‘I saw them leaving and they both got into SUV’s so they clearly were not short a bob or two, so I put the post up and it went ballistic on Facebook.

‘Most of the people backed what I was doing but it ended up that people were becoming so abusive to each other I took the post down.’

The furore has given clever Ciara the germ of an idea to diversify her business.

‘I might give some thought to opening a pyjama cafe because I have been getting calls from various business across the country, barbers shops, restaurants all sorts saying they regularly encounter customers wearing pyjamas.

‘If it is becoming a thing then a Pyjama Cafe might work and I could open it with a Pyjama Party!’