Speeding issues around the north county village of Carlanstown have had an airing on social media.

When Meath Crime Prevention, the official Facebook page of Meath Gardai, posted“On Friday afternoon, Detectives from Kells Garda Station observed a motorcycle travelling well in excess of the speed limit on the N52 at Balrath, Kells. They also observed this motorcycle overtaking several vehicles on a continuous white line.  

‘This motorbike was subsequently stopped. The driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and will now face a court appearance’, it elicited quite a response. 

Murty Purfield commented that “In fairness it’s not just the bikers on the road through Carlanstown , in fact bikers are less of a problem than trucks , vans and cars , it’s only a matter of time before a child or someone is knocked down , I was turning into the village green and had indicated well in advance and some muppet overtook me and the car in front of me between the lights and entrance of estate , and I’m not the only one that happened to , some sort of speed control is needed around the village”


Another poster said, “That’s always the case on the n52. Particularly just outside Carlanstown village. A speed van at the village green for a bit might help deter” and “Need a couple of speed ramps to slow the momentum of traffic going to and from Carlanstown”

“Like the 100 people said already on this notice board it will be a child or elderly person getting knocked down”

Concepta Tuite reported that such driving does not always end well, “My sister was driving yesterday a number of motorcycles overtook her at speed and two minutes later as she went up around the bend the bikes were all over the road and then she met the ambulance heading to that scene. Let’s hope they were ok” 

Of course there is always one unhappy punter and as is the norm this one didn’t want to be identified, Sammy Snail made the comment that “ The real news here is that detectives have nothing better to be doing. The amount of serious crime, drug dealing, burglaries and assaults but these asshats decide to go chasing a speeding motorist. Jesus wept.”