Meath Crime Prevention Facebook page has reported that Gardai have been made aware of a Covid scam text message which claims to be from the HSE and will advise you that you’re a close contact of someone with Covid 19

The MCP post read, “The HSE says it doesn’t charge for COVID-19 related services, this includes testing, and texts indicating otherwise should be ignored. Anyone who is concerned or suspicious of a message they receive, can contact HSE Live on 1800 700 700 or your own local GP.

Tips and Advice from the HSE on scam messages:

• Never disclose private information over phone or via text message.

• Do not give out your PPS Number to anyone who makes unsolicited contact with you whether by phone or email.

• Never give away personal data or disclose who you may live with or if you live alone.

• The HSE will never request payment for a Covid test or vaccine.

• If you receive such a call, just hang up.

• Anyone who mistakenly provides personal information in response to a scam should contact report the matter to their local Garda Station.”

Many people have tagged there friends on notice boards to spread awareness and “i told

you so”

One Facebook user, Brendan Purcell, said in the comment, “This came in for me as a text from the official HSE number. The website looked suspicious, so I put in made-up personal details into it, and once I saw a request for payment I suspected something was up. The scammers seem to have tagged the message with an official number”