Tracy Mc Elhinney, Labour Local Area Representative for Trim area, has told Meath Live with evictions up by 54%, homelessness up by 30% and rents up by 12.5%, renters must be a priority for the Minster for Housing in the Budget.
 She claimed. “An immediate ban on evictions must accompany the Budget. We need this to prevent a surge in homelessness this winter. Without this ban, hundreds more families in County Meath will face a
winter of fear, want and despair.
“This crisis can be averted. The government must supplement the Budget with an immediate ban on evictions. It is incredible to realise that, on the one hand, the state response to families who cannot afford to buy a home is to subsidise private rental accommodation while on the other hand, it refuses to set minimum standards for that accommodation, minimal protection for tenants, and minimal sanctions for landlords providing sub-standard accommodation or worse.
“Instead of pursing policies aimed at providing homes for families, the Government has delegated its responsibility for housing to the market which is patently failing to deliver not just an adequate
supply of housing but, more importantly, affordable housing. This must stop.