Laytown FF councillor Tom Behan was quick out of the blocks in welcoming the news from todays Budget

On his Facebook page he summed it all up neatly.

He posted;

Budget 2023 in 60 seconds
This is a Budget of progressive and protective measures in
order to safe guard from cost of living shocks while
strengthening public services.
There will be a 4.1bn cost of living package among a 11bn
budget that will see:
– A double payment of all welfare payments in October as well
as the normal double payment at Christmas
– Energy Credits of 600 euro per family
– Childcare fees will drop by 1200 euro a year on average
– Increase in the higher tax band giving back up to 790 euro
per person
– Two 500 tax credits for renters
– 500 euro grant for carers and those with disabilities
– 12 euro increase in core welfare payments
– Free schoolbooks at primary level
– Reduced college fees by one thousand for all students
– Double SUSI payment
– Energy supports for SME’s up to 10k per month
– Funding for 1000 more Gardaí
– Publicly funded IVF scheme
– Expansion of GP card scheme with more than half the
population eligible
– Free contraception for women up to 30 years old