A Julianstown woman has become a TikTok sensation after her poem about her love hate relationship with Dublin attracted over 80,000 views.

Alice Kiernan told Meath Live, ‘ I left school got a degree in Maynooth University, got a job in communications and social media in Dublin and fell in love with the city but more and more these days it appears not to love me back and that is what the poem is about.

‘Just to give you one example rent in Dublin has gone through the roof of late so for all the love I have for the place I am losing the feelgood factor.’

Alice’s background is in playing guitar, singing and writing songs, and her hit poem came about when she wrote a set of lyrics that didn’t fit any of her songs,

‘ That’s exactly how it happened, I’m kind of an accidental poet!

‘To be fair while a good poem would hit home with people all over the world I felt it was important I localised my poetry and it seems to have worked.

‘I uploaded it in April but it only in September it started to get media attention, there is an avenue for work for poets and poetry in Ireland but it is a difficult one still I hope to stick at it.’

The TikTok video accompanying poem can be watched below


my love/hate letter to Dublin 💚 #dublin #ireland #fyp #spokenword #irishartist

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