The long-awaited Public Realm Plan for Kells looks set to be published next week.

The proposed strategy to develop public spaces, traffic and pedestrian management will go on display at the Civic offices in Kells and the Meath County Council HQ in Navan.

The Plan will also be accessible on the Meath County Council website.

It’s expected the detailed plan will be accessible from Wednesday October 12th next and will remain on display for one month.

According to Fianna Fáil councillor Sean Drew, “The objective of the Plan is to look forward and apply a future design to the management of the streets and public spaces within the Town centre.

“This is a major opportunity to improve pedestrian access and safety and when complete will make Kells a more welcoming place to visit and spend time in.”

Once on display, members of the public and community groups will have the option to contribute ideas and proposals which, if accepted, will contribute to positive structural changes within the streetscape of the Town.

“This is a wonderful chance for people in Kells to have an input in to the future look of the Town and I would encourage as many people as possible to make a contribution as it could be many decades before such an opportunity comes along again.

“The fact that this Plan is being developed by Meath County Council will allow the local authority to access Government funding which will help greatly in making its contents become a reality,” said Cllr. Drew.

It is hoped that all going to schedule, work on the Plan could commence as early as Summer 2023 and completed by mid 2024.