The Irish Coastguard and Meath River Rescue were called out to an incident in Navan, late on Thursday night in which it was feared a person had entered the River Boyne at the Ramparts.

The alert was raised around 11 pm after a bundle of clothes was discovered on the river bank.

A source told Meath Live, ‘When the clothes, which would appear to belong to either a female or a small man, were found, the guards were contacted and then the Coastguard helicopter was called in when an initial search found nothing.

‘To ensure all bases were covered the River Rescue crew were called in and they launched a boat but after a detailed trawl, the guards stood down the search.’

A Garda spokesperson said, ‘A Coastguard Helicopter was in the Navan area last night following an unverified report that a person may have entered the river. The search proved negative and was stood down at 2:00am.’