The moving statue phenomenon that hit the country in the 1980s appears to have reemerged in Kells as an iconic statue of the Blessed Virgin, in situ outside the Credit Union offices for 70 years has gone walkabout.

Construction work in the area required its removal but nobody seems to know where it actually is.

Kells community activist, Ronnie McGrane, told Meath Live, ‘It’s a mystery, from what I understand the contractor doing the construction has claimed the Gardai have it for safe keeping, but when I went up there this morning, (Monday), they categorically told me they haven’t got it.

‘I’m not alone in wondering where it is, a fair number of people have spoken to me about it, I wouldn’t have a clue what value would be on it but I do know it has a great symbolic value to Kells people.

‘I guess somebody knows its whereabouts and in all probability it’ll be put back up when the work is complete but plenty of people would like to be reassured its been kept safe.’