Independent councillor Alan Lawes, a long time volunteer in the homelessness sector, has called on Meath County Council CEO, Jackie Maguire, to ‘front up’ about the true statistics of homeless people in the county.

The latest figures show that  there were 227 adults and 94 children living in emergency accommodation in the county at the end of August and Lawes believes the figure may even be higher.

CEO Jackie Maguire needs to clarify the homeless statistics in Meath according to Cllr Lawes.

He told Meath Live, ‘ I am constantly told by council officials that they have no accommodation available and generally speaking now it can take me two weeks to find a bed for someone, I feel the real story needs to be told and the CEO needs to front up and include up to date figures in her next monthly report.

‘I am not suggesting the figures presented are misleading but they don’t equate with what those of us on the ground are seeing and hearing.

‘When Ukrainian refugees arrived here they were sorted out within four days yet I am being told time after time there is nothing available, that puzzles me, all I am hoping is the council is treating everyone the same.’