Ratoath residents have taken to social media to vent their frustrations over problems with traffic flo.

Shane Humphries asked on Ratoath notice board “Can someone explain to me why the traffic is so bad through the village.  Seems to me that the decision to install traffic lights rather than a roundabout at Moulden Bridge is the problem.  Absolutely ridiculous.”

And so Gráinne Keegan replied with the ironic comment, “Just build more houses that’s where the money is. Never mind infrastructure to go with the houses that are already there. 

Marie Harverty commented saying  “Normally would think the people in suits make insane decisions, now think this is a collective issue. There were some of us waiting at SuperValu to cross, the amount of people in cars carrying just one person ! If we don’t change the way we look at things the things we look at won’t change. 

Meanwhile Paul Lyttle blasted, “No infrastructure – sure lets just build more houses to make a bad situation much worse in the future – mindless.”

David Byrne suggested one possible solution, saying “It’s very simple, if you can get around without the use of a car do it, if you can’t then the backlog is this small town is inevitable, unfortunately. “