Solutions for dedicated services of modern-day heating systems was the inspiration for Summerhill man Mick O’Shea leading to the setting up of MSM Renewables to deal with the growing needs of the market.

Anyone building a new home or carrying out major renovations will be more likely to install a Heat Pump System to reduce heating bills and carbon emissions by future proofing their home.

There are thousands of potential customers out there and he knew the benefit of setting up a company that would specifically deal with the annual servicing of these systems.

With a team of five professionally trained engineers MSM Renewables now also service domestic household ventilation and heat recovery alongside solar thermal, will guarantee to provide a timely and quality service to its customers satisfaction.


Whether it is a Panasonic, Samsung, Mitsubishi, or Hitachi the engineers are trained to deal with all service aspects. To keep your guarantee on your heat pump system it is imperative that it is serviced annually by a professional and again that’s where MSM Renewables come in as a recognised contractor.

It is also important to remember that the systems operate on a mechanical basis and maintenance on a regular basis ensures efficiency and getting the best out of your system.

” We have a QR code on the website (as can be seen also in this editorial)
so all you have to do is scan it to get a price and make a booking.”

“We will schedule your booking and within 2/3 weeks have the service completed” points out Mick O’Shea ,MD of MSM Renewables.