The Mayor of Ireland’s largest town has hit out at those who record violent street brawls and post them to social media sites.

Michelle Hall was speaking after footage emerged of a punch up in Droghed a in the early hours of  Sunday morning which saw one man left unconscious, two women attacking a second male and a taxi driver being assaulted after he tried to break up the scrap.

The incident happened on the towns Peter Street and footage shows the fight begins when a black haired woman and a man wearing a white jacket emerge from a taxi and start swinging punches at another man.

A woman can be heard screaming, ‘Get to f**k……… f**k off’

Taxi driver, Paul Byrne from Duleek in county Meath then tries to intervene but comes under a barrage of blows from a man in a black jacket and a second woman who plants two right hooks into the drivers face and creams ‘Get to f**k’ at him.

Byrne then gets back in his car as a second taxi arrives on the scene, the couple who started the scrap then being fighting with each other.

The first woman then throws a punch at the man she had shared a taxi with and when the man in black tries to stop it he is flung to the ground and knocked clean  out.

One man then tries to get into the second taxi and the video ends as both women have ago at him.

Hall slammed everyone involved, saying, ‘A man was knocked out cold and somebody preferred to keep recording the fight rather than call him an ambulance and the same person recorded the whole brawl rather than call the cops.

‘I would suggest their moral compass is seriously askew,

‘A taxi driver earning a living shouldn’t have to put up with this.’



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