After a number of meetings and demands to get important safety improvemnents at a dangerous junction have finally succeeded.

The  Skyrne/Oberstown junction(beside Swans Bar) is located on the L1005/L1003.

Cllr. Joe Bonner has informed us at Meath Live that the work is to commence as early as next week.

He understands there was a meeting with the council and the contractor on site this week and work is planned to get going

very shortly.

The busy junction is a ‘short cut’ for many motorists who have used it  over the years to avoid the busy main arteries of the M3,N2 ans N3.

A notorious junction plagued with danger it is news that will be welcomed by all.

The work will involve minor road and pavement repairs,tree and hedge cutting to improve visibility.This will also include new kerbing and bollards on also on existing bollards together with renewal of road markings.

There will be a new public lighting system which will entail ducting ,columns and LED lanterns. Speed ramps will also be added on the apporoach to the junction when the lighting system has been energised.

‘This will all certainly help with visibility, slow speeding motorists and above all improve the road safety of the area.’ Cllr. Bonner commented.