Angry Dunboyne residents have taken to social media to voice their disquiet over the fact that a number of trees at the COI site are being uprooted.

Emma Hogan posted.  “Horrified this morning to see a digger or grabber in the woodlands at the Church of Ireland school site ripping trees out. Understood the woodlands were remaining intact. Anyone know how to seek clarity on this? Have spoken to so many people concerned this morning.

“Its devastating. I’ve tried to contact local councillors this morning and have spoken to the planning office in the council, and I’ve been in touch with Maria Murphy, she is following up”

Niamh O’Shea shared her opinion “I just drove past and my heart shattered. What little woodland and green spaces we have are being destroyed one by one. There needs to be an end to it all. The destruction of these natural habitats is detrimental to the wildlife in the area. Where will they draw the line?!”

Yvonne Brady commented that “I was only told the other day that the woods  would be left untouched, I was told that by a local councillor,  please explain the sudden change   those woods are full of squirrels and mice and other little creatures  along with lots of birds nests. “