The good and bad side of people has been captured on CCTV and in photos from a single street Navan over the last few days.

A story emerged in the national media today of a kind hearted youngster paying €1.50 for a parking ticket when he noticed the ticket on a complete strangers car had expired,

The car belonged to the wife of Stephen Moran who owns the Yeah Burger restaurant on Watergate Street and was captured on CCTV.

The Irish Mirror quotes Moran as saying, “We just forgot that night to put a ticket on the car for the next morning, and in Navan, when you forget, you can be sure that you will get a fine from the traffic wardens,” said Stephen who owns Yeah Burgr on Watergate St.

My partner looked out the window about 10.45am and saw the warden walking along the street.

“We were fully sure we had been given a fine but when we checked, there was a ticket on the outside screen of the car which gave us a few hours grace

“So we checked the CCTV footage and there was a guy with three friends walking past the premises and at 2.27am, he put money into the meter for a parking ticket for our car.”

That’s the good bit!

Sadly hours earlier some mindless vandals illustrated the bad,

Two large rubbish bins, one at the back and one at the side of the Royal Meath pub, almost directly across from Yeah Burgr, were set on fire and completely destroyed.

A source told Meath Live, ‘Whatever moron did this had no heed for what might have happened, there were cars parked nearby and if the blaze had spread to one of them you had serious problems.’

As Bertie Basset knows only too well it takes all sorts.

And the good guy will be rewarded as Moran told the Mirror, “I’ve found out who he is and while I haven’t spoken to him yet, I’ve messaged him to come in for a meal on us.

The act of kindness can be seen here ;