Never mind not being able to see the woods for the trees by the looks of things Dunboyne residents won’t be able to see any trees at all !

We recently reported that a number of trees in one area of the village had been cut down and now it seems even more are for the chop.

Local councillor Damien O’ Reilly has attempted to explain the situation on social media, posting, ‘The council contractor said its in accordance with planning.  Large trees are being retained. Small trees and scrub being removed.  Large mature trees are marked. ‘

His council colleague, Maria Murphy also spoke with the contractor and said,  ‘We need to protect our natural assets. I met with the project team last Friday and they agreed to stop removing the trees except for the line needed to move the wall back to improve the footpath facilities.’ 

Whichever of the pair is correct appears irrelevant as locals are distinctly unimpressed.

Paul Hendricks posted, “Unfortunately lots of developers don’t give a damn about trees, they’d be more in the way. The woods are an asset to Dunboyne that we’re all proud of and something that very few areas have, They should be preserved at all costs”

 Anna Pi said “What is the point of removing any of those trees in the first place? This was flagged with Cllr Maria Murphy PC last week, will any representative ensure there are consequences for contractors, otherwise this will keep on happening!

‘We were  initially told (a few months back, when notice was put up on the side of the stretch)  that trees won’t be touched at all, then last week that only a small area is being cleared (for whatever the reason if school entry is from Dunboyne Castle? ) and now this… no words…

Brenda Dolan said “The village us turning into a concrete jungle. Its a disgrace”