A 47 year old Ratoath woman has been given a suspended sentence and disqualified from driving for fatally colliding with a motorcyclist.

29-year-old Nebojsa Sarcevic, who was originally from Serbia, was killed after the incident in Dublin three years ago.

Sandra Kavanagh of Leigh Valley, Ratoath, pleaded guilty to careless driving causing death on the M50 near Finglas on November 19, 2019.

The court heard that the defendant indicated and moved her car part-way into the hard shoulder, colliding with Mr. Sarcevic who was travelling in the same direction.

He was thrown from his motorbike and crashed into the motorway barrier, before later passing away as a result of his injuries.

A safety report later concluded that if Kavanagh looked into her mirror, she still may not have seen Mr. Sarcevic behind her.

Judge Martin Nolan accepted there were no aggravating factors in the case, such as excessive speed or the use of alcohol, drugs, or a phone while driving.

He handed down a suspended sentence of eight months to Ms. Kavanagh and disqualified her from driving for four years.