This is the dramatic moment an innocent schoolboy strolls past a vicious axe attack on a man in a jeep in the Centra car park in Ashbourne last Thursday.

In our exclusive footage the youngster can be seen walking along the pavement as two masked men use hatchets to bludgeon the vehicles doors and one can be seen swinging blows at the driver who was badly injured.

The horrific incident took place as parents were collecting children from the nearby St Declan’s primary school

The attack is connected to a schoolyard scrap between two second year students at Ashbourne Community school the previous day.

Sources said, This man was sitting in a jeep in the Centra car park facing St Declan’s when two blokes in balaclavas and carrying wha’t looked like axes arrived and started smashing the vehicle to pieces.

The word here is that the guy had a connection to somebody involved in a fight in the secondary school the previous day and this was some kind of revenge attack.

‘The guy in the car eventually got out and tried to run but he was definitely struck a fair few times.

‘It was a terrifying few moments for the small kids and their parents