A heavily pregnant young Mum has been left too terrified to use Navans town bus service after a vicious attack by teenage thugs last week.

Brave Sarah Vaughan, 31, from Navan, has decided to speak out in the hope it will prevent similar incdents happening to others.

She to spoke to us at meathlive.net  ‘ I got on the town bus at 4.45 on the 8th of November, after collecting my nine year old son Oscar from school and I also had my eight month old daughter Emily in my arms.

‘When we were queueing three teens, two girls and a boy jumped on ahead of everyone, I passed no remarks of them as I knew there was a designated area for Mums with kids that I could use but when I got on they, and others, had sat there.

‘In fairness the driver was brilliant he went down and asked them to move which most did but then it all kicked off with the three who had skipped the queue.

‘They started swearing at me and I heard one say, ‘I’ll f*****g kill her when we get off I am gonna bash her’ and she shouted at me ‘You’re dead.’

‘It is fairly obvious I am pregnant, but in case they hadn’t noticed I told them and even worse they ignored the fact I had two young kids with me one of whom was injured.

‘Oscar tore ligaments in his foot recently and was on crutches and wearing a protective boot and he was very shaken by what was going on.

‘I was really worried they were going to get off at my stop and attack me but thank God they got off before me but they gave me another volley of abuse as they left.’

The horrifying incident has had lasting repercussions on Sarah and her family.

She said, ‘Oscar still talks about it and I just won’t bring him on the bus any more in case we meet them again which has resulted in my partner having to take half an hour off work each day to collect him from school.

‘Honest to God I was petrified it would turn into a physical attack especially as they knew I was in no position to defend myself.’

Last week it emerged that Stephen Nugent, a top official in the National Rail and Bus Union, had written to Justice Minister Helen McEntee claiming that outside of Dublin city, Navan was the worst town in Ireland for problems on buses.

A Garda spokesperson said, ‘Gardaí are aware of reports of a public order incident that occurred at approximately 4:45pm on the 8thof November 2022 in the Navan area of Co Meath.Enquiries are ongoing.’