If every picture tells a story then this one should send a shiver down the spine of the HSE mandarins bidding to close the A&E unit in Our Lady’s hospital in Navan and transfer them to Our Lady Of Lourdes in Drogheda.

The photograph taken last Saturday night shows eleven ambulances lined up in the Lourdes car park as there were no beds or  trolleys available for the patients being brought in by the emergency services.

The picture got a massive reaction on social media after Kristofer Shekelton posted it on Facebook alongside his comment,’ This is the scene of chaos outside Drogheda hospital’s Emergency department on Saturday night as 11 ambulances couldn’t leave due to a lack of beds.

‘Some paramedics were left waiting for 5 hours before their patient had a place in the hospital. None of the ambulances could leave and respond to other 999 calls until they had their ambulance trolleys back.

‘And this is the same hospital that more emergency patients are being rushed to, following the decision to close Navan’s A&E department. This is what they call an improvement? It’s not only ludicrous, it’s also potentially fatal.’

So far there have been over 1600 comments.

Sometimes though no words are needed.

In the wake of the post it has emerged that management at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital is meeting consultants today over their concerns about a “surge in clinical activity” this winter.