Council red tape is delaying the commencement of work on a €37m development on the
site of the old Elliot’s Mill at the bottom of Flower Hill in Navan.

And it could result in a legal battle that would cost the taxpayer millions of euro.

Elliot’s Care Centre Limited have plans to build a 156-bedroom care home on the site of the
Old Mill and propose to locate 40 apartments in a separate space in the area.

The construction phase of the complex will generate massive employment in the building
trade with 180 jobs to be created over a two year period. When completed there will be
216 full time jobs at the  care centre.

The company applied for planning permission back in 2018 which was refused. They
reapplied in March 2020 and again the company was refused for different reasons.
The decision was appealed to An Bord Pleanála  and permission was granted in May 2021.

The hold-up centres around the failure of Meath CoCo to’ Take in charge’ the road and
services in Mill Lane. This is despite the fact that there are already existing commercial
properties and apartments. The business are paying commercial rates to the council.

The council claim they need the consent of all landowners in the area to do this while the development company insists the local authority has had this for six months.

Mill Lane road was built by the developer back in 2006/7 when over 100 apartments and
commercial properties were constructed at the time in accordance with planning.

There has been a continuing delay since planning was granted over twenty months ago.

The company and its representatives has been in constant contact with Meath Co Co to seek
their cooperation in order to advance this major landmark development.

A spokesperson for Meath County Council said;

‘Meath County Council progressing this matter and working on securing the consent of all the adjacent landowners.

‘Following receipt of consent the necessary technical infrastructure assessments will be
completed, which will subsequently inform the formal recommendation to the elected

‘The commencement or the development of ‘the centre’ is a matter for the property owner.’

A spokesperson for the development company told Meath Live, ”Further to your email regarding the response from Meath Co Co please be advised that further to our last meeting with Martin Murray, Roads and Services Department in the Council a number of weeks ago, I can confirm that all the current Landowners and interested parties have written in and have given the Council full authority to “Take in Charge” Mill Lane, Navan.

‘This is the real situation as it stands.

“With over another 20 months now since planning has been passed , we have tried
to do everything to get the development up and running and we continue to be frustrated by the inactivity of the council to in relation to the taking in charge of the lane.

“There are jobs, investment in much needed care services and forty apartments all awaiting the action of the council.

“We continue to hear the government appealing to investors to come into the market and get more houses and apartments built but in our case we are being held back here in Navan”

A source told us, “It has come to the stage where the developers may have to seek a resolution through the courts.”

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