A HSE insider has told Meath Live that the health groups attempt to close the A&E unit in Our Lady’s hospital in Navan is madness.

Speaking on a guarantee of anonymity in a bombshell interview they asked, ‘ How many times do the consultants in Drogheda have to tell HSE bosses they are not in a position to deal with with the numbers that will head their way if Phase 2, (Sending more patients to Drogheda), goes ahead ?.’

‘They have now signed two declarations advising HSE top management of their concerns hw many times do they have to say it before the message sinks in ?

‘If the plan goes ahead, they simply will not have the resources to cope. As was pointed out when the Louth county hospital in Dundalk closed Drogheda had to handle the additional numbers of patients presenting at A&E.

‘The big wigs in Dublin at the highest level and hospital groups are happy to downgrade the services in Navan and expect Drogheda A&E to cope with the increase cases.

‘Already at the minute you can face up to 14 to16 hours waiting times if you present at Our Lourdes in Drogheda common sense dictates things will only get worse, delays will only get longer if more patients are forced upon it.’

In a further damning outburst they revealed the recent decision is based on a plan that is almost two decades old.

They said, ‘Critically all the planning is based on the Small Hospital Framework report which is outdated by at least 15 years. The demographics have changed dramatically and they should not be using outdated information to plan for the future.

‘It won’t be long before Navan and surrounds see a population well in excess of 50,000. It is grossly unfair on the people of Meath and Louth to have to funnel all A&E cases into Drogheda.

‘It is madness but the people at the top don’t care.

‘We need to see a complete reappraisal of this decision.’