Families and friends across the globe are gathering for the Christmas Holidays. Some may not have been together for years, some may not be able.

Whatever your circumstances and wherever you are we wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

We thank everyone who has supported us at www.meathlive.net  in the past year. We look forward to providing you with more articles, we hope you find of interest and promise you we’ll continue to ask the questions that need to be asked.

Two interesting definitions for you all.

Good journalism; Content that is ethical, independent, critical and of public interest.

News; Something that somebody somewhere does not want you to know about

We’d like to think we have contributed to the above.

Spare a thought for those less fortunate and if you can do your bit to bring a little happiness into their homes and hearts.

See you on the  other side of the big day


The Meath Live team