A small number of boy racers began using the deserted car park at Dunboyne railway station on Tuesday night and their return from the Christmas break has split opinion on social media.

On one community page a poster declared their opposition, writing, ‘Joy riders in Dunboyne train station carpark again tonight. 8 of them this time but seemed to leave pretty sharply a few moments ago. Anyone know what happened?’

Another though seemed to enjoy the spectacle, and even hinted at it being a money making opportunity,  declaring, ‘It was some craic guys, the numbers are growing. If anyone local has a food/catering service of the sort there’s opportunity to make a few quid off the boys… I reckon the numbers will quadruple to up to 40 people the next meet.’

His maths might have been off and his post got a frosty reception.

One reply said, ‘Obviously Gardai in the village aren’t interested’,

Another though suggested the original poster should keep his nose out, adding a rat emoji to the comment, written without a spell check, ‘If they own der own cars and taxed and interested. You can’t really call it joy riding… but fair play for calling the garda..🐀

And in a further rebuttal of the original post one posted the photo we have above !