If you are going to ask someone to marry you then popping the question almost 20,000 feet in the air on top of a snow capped Mt Kilimanjaro. Africa’s highest peak, is about as romantic a location as you’ll find.

And as Waterford man Kenny Barry, who flashed an engagement ring to Enfield lady Alison Devine admitted, ‘It’s just as well she said yes it would have been along walk back down if she hadn’t’.

Alison told Meath Live, ‘ I had no idea it was going to happen I was too busy concentrating on getting up the bloody mountain so if he dropped any hints I missed them.

‘We first met in the Total Kickboxing club, in Sandyford back in 2016, I still fight by the way and   Kenny does my corner, went out on our first date on February 29th 2020 and had planned the hike up Kilimanjaro when Covid stopped the world, so we rescheduled for now and like I said I was totally taken aback.

‘It was a surprise but a lovely one.’