A decision by the owners of Emerald Park in Curraha to restrict access to Kilbrew graveyard which is located on the grounds of Ireland’s premier theme park, has sparked anger locally.

Parishioners had no warning of the situation until a sign went up at the entrance to the cemetery some weeks ago requesting those who wish to gain admittance to call a mobile number to allow them to do so.

A major issue arose on St Stephen’s day when a number of people have told Meath Live they rang the number but nobody answered, it is understood there was no staff on duty that day.

One source told us, ‘ The graveyard is situated within Emerald Park but there is a separate access located directly across from the Tayto factory, people were shocked when they first saw the sign as when Ray Coyle was running the business there was never any issue over people going in to visit the graves of loved one, he even contributed to the upkeep of the cemetery.

Sign on the graveyard gate.

‘Traditionally around Christmas families, some of whom travel quite a distance come to lay wreaths on graves and this year many found themselves locked out because the phone number was ringing out.

‘The other problem is that not everyone has a mobile phone, especially the elderly of society, and even those that have will tell you the coverage is awful in that area.’

An automated reply to an email, requesting a response, sent to Emerald Park said the office would reopen on January 5th and they would respond then.