Our exclusive video footage below shows the immediate aftermath of a potentially fatal incident on Kennedy Road in Navan on Tuesday in which a group of teenage thugs push a man off the pavement and into a traffic filled road.

A shocked eye witness told Meath Live, ‘ I saw a group of teens walking down Kennedy Road where the roadworks are and they deliberately knocked a guy in his 20’s from the pavement into a road that is usually full of traffic.

‘He fell on the ground and his phone bounced off the road, when I went to help him he said to me, ‘That bunch of scumbags are taking over the town’.

‘The group then made their way towards the Shopping Centre shouting abuse at little kids and feigning to punch passer bys and just generally trying to scare people.’

Meath Live understands that Gardai have video footage of those involved and Gardai have been contacted for comment