Meath County Council is set to deliver a shock to an innocent landowner whose property near Longwood has just had an incredible 3000 used tyres illegally dumped on it.

And now the council claims the landowner will be responsible for a figure sum in clean up fees.

A council spokesperson told Meath Live, ‘Meath County Council is currently investigating the illegal dumping of a significant amount of waste tyres on forest land adjoining the R160 Trim Road near Longwood Village. It is understood that the incident occurred on Thursday, January 12, and Friday night/morning.

‘The waste tyres would have been generated by tyre suppliers and/or fitters and dumped by unscrupulous waste collectors collecting waste. The Council estimate that in excess of 3,000 waste tyres have been dumped at this location which will cost over €7,000 euro to collect.

‘The private landowner is being contacted to advise them of the dumping as they will be responsible for the clean-up costs as it occurred on private land. Meath County Council would urge landowners to secure their land with locked gates and fencing to deter this activity from occurring.

‘If your business sells tyres – your garage MUST be registered with Circol ELT’, see Please ensure that you only transfer waste including waste tyres to authorised waste collectors. Always ask for proof of waste collection permit and retain documentation for waste tyres collected.’

If anyone has any information regarding this illegal dumping incident, please contact Meath County Council Environment Section on 046 9097200 or email