A woman who is due to give birth to her first child on Tuesday next has told Meath Live how she tripped and almost fell, late last month, as a result of a building company leaving her housing estate in a mess.

Ciara Gabriel is part of a Facebook group formed by residents of the Fairfield estate in Dunshaughlin, built by Clonee based Kingscroft back in 2019, who have been trying to get the builders to finish off the works that are outstanding,

Ciara told Meath Live,I tripped in December. Myself and my husband were out for a stroll and on the way back to our house I tripped on the shore that was left elevated directly outside my house.

‘Luckily I was linking arms with my husband at the time so he dragged me back before I fell I am 9 months pregnant actually due on Tuesday coming.

Fairfield Estate

‘Fortunately I didn’t require any medical attention but it gave me quite a shock.

‘ It is extremely frustrating trying to deal with Kingscroft. They don’t answer emails from myself or my neighbours. Councillor Damien O’ Reilly, who has been a great help has been involved in trying to get the estate finished but Kingscroft keep dragging their heels.

‘We moved into our house in May 2019 and were told that the roads would be finished when all residents were in. This has been the Kingscroft line for two years now.

‘Since moving in we have been driving into our garden using a plank of wood so as not to damage our cars. Not only is the estate a hazard it is also aesthetically an absolute mess.

‘The minute you enter our estate you are met with uneven roads, weeds growing at the sides of the paths and a dumping ground where they left builders materials and fencing that has never been taken away.

The fenced off green

‘Since the shores were raised the drainage is disgraceful as they are not level with the road again leading to more hazards.

‘ Today there has just been an update on our residents page that the wearing course of the roads is to be done next week. Personally I’ll believe it when I see it.’

Our exclusive pictures show the green area at the front of the estate which has been fenced off since last August.

Another resident Pearse Greally told us, ‘They fenced it off because they didn’t want kids trampling on freshly sown grass seeds and that is fair enough but the grass has grown since August, in fact the area is overgrown and yet the only place allocated as a space for kids to play remains fenced off.

Angry; Damien O’Reilly

‘The place where they had their portacabins when they were building has been filled with rubble since they were removed and as for driving cars around the estate well that is like the Mario Kart game you have to avoid traps everywhere.

‘Manholes have been left three inches off the ground and it has got to the stage where some people are so frustrated they have put their houses on the market but prospective buyers lose interest when they see the way the place has been left.

‘Our understanding is that Meath County Council have agreed to take the estate in charge but not until the builders complete a snag list the council have given them.’

In a strongly worded email to Kingscroft, seen by Meath Live, Fianna Fáil councillor Damien O’Reilly has slammed their lack of effort, writing, This is now going on two years, and is disappointing for a local company based in Clonee who has active sites in Ratoath to be doing this on your doorstep.

‘Can you please move all your compound material to your site in Ratoath? half a days work for your employees, load a truck and get the material over to Ratoath. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ?

‘Can we please have time lines of when you plan to finish this estate out? and install the final tarmac layer?

‘Residents have had enough!

Kingscroft have yet to respond to a request for comment.