Navan movie legend Pierce Brosnan may well be on his way to visit his home town later this year.

Brosnan (69) and Helena Bonham Carter (56) are set to star in a major new Irish film together.

The romance based on Niall Williams’ bestselling novel Four Letters of Love will film at locations across the island of Ireland.

A-listers Brosnan and Bonham Carter will take on the roles of the parents of fated lovers in the flick directed by Polly Steele.

They are joined on screen by Dublin-born stars Fionn O’Shea (26), Ann Skelly (26) and Gabriel Byrne (72).

A synopsis for the film reads: “Nicholas Coughlan (O’Shea) and Isabel Gore (Skelly) are fated to be together. The question is whether or not they will ever find out.

“As ghosts, fate and the sheer power of true love pull Nicholas and Isabel together, so too does life threaten to tear them apart.”