Sinn Féin  TD Johnny Guirke has claimed that a recent upsurge in anti social behaviour has forced the party to hold tonights public meeting over lack of Garda numbers in Meath.

He told LMFM radio the party has been forced to act after being inundated with messages from members of the public who no longer feel safe on the streets.

The latest figures show there is currently one member of the force for every 697 people in the Meath Garda Division, almost double the national average of one Garda for every 360 people.

In comparison, there is one Garda for every 345 people in the Louth Garda Division as of the end of last year.

Guirke said, ‘It is a problem not only in Navan but in areas like Oldcastle and Athboy where guards are constantly being pulled into help out in Kells due to lack of numbers.’

Tonights meeting takes place in Navans Newgrange hotel at 8 pm