This is the dramatic moment in which two heroic staff members face down two hammer wielding thugs who are trying to steal a bike at Ashbourne Motor Cycles on Ashbourne Business Park on Wednesday afternoon.

Our exclusive footage sees six would be robbers on three motorbikes arrive outside the premises where two pillion passengers dismount and as they attempt to take a motor bike they are confronted by two staff members.

One staff member runs directly at the thief trying to take the bike but is forced to back off after the thug swings a hammer at him.

Meanwhile two others try to block another staff member from interfering in the robbery effort.

In the background a woman can be heard banging on the window and shouting, ‘ Someone call the guards, oh my God Lisa look, Oh my God, Oh my god, Holy s**t’.

One of the thieves appears to be struggling to handle what looks like a high powered 600cc bike while the other drivers are on what look like two off road scrambler bikes.

A spokesman for the company said, ‘The two men who foiled the robbery were exceptionally brave, it happened yesterday afternoon but that’s really all I can say.’

A Garda spokesman told Meath Live, ‘Gardaí are aware of the attempted taking of three motorcycles that occurred at approximately 3pm yesterday, Wednesday, 15th of February 2023 in Ashbourne Business Park, Co Meath.

‘No injuries were reported and no persons have been arrested.

‘Enquiries are ongoing at this time.’