A former Meath midfielder has taken to Twitter to blast the use of antidepressants by medics and has hit out at the lack of alternatives.

Anthony Moyles, who was left half back in the Royals controversial Leinster final win over Louth in 2010, also revealed how his own family have first hand experience of the problem after his mother was prescribed them by her GP last year.

And he told how they are afraid to take her off them as they feel they would be putting her in danger, and says, ‘I rue the day she started them.’

In a  series of emotional tweets he said, ‘I sincerely hope the use of synthetics and other alternative methods of treating depression and substance abuse gain traction before the big pharma companies and regulators try to shut them down. Having seen my own Mother deteriorate over the last year since being prescribed antidepressants by her local GP it’s extremely worrying and frustrating at how the medical system leaves families and patients with little or no alternative options. The woman was prescribed unbeknown to us as a family, when it seemed she showed a heightened level of anxiety

‘In Nov/Dec 2021 the question and answer should have been “ who isn’t showing a heightened level of anxiety” at that time. Anyway without us knowing it until months later she was on a dose of antidepressants and before you knew it there was no way that she could come off them

‘Different variations have been tried with different dosages resulting in the net effect of zero short, medium or long term improvement. We now find ourselves, after last week visiting two of her psychologist doctors, that she is even worse after them taking her through the side (effects) of her condition and advising her that “ sharp objects” should be removed from her home this is to a woman who although 81 was swimming 3 times a week in 2021, is in perfect physical shape for her age and never once suffered with any form of depression outside of  Irish mammies classic constant level of anxiety!!

‘I’m sure plenty of medical people will offer up medical journals of how antidepressants have done more good than harm but from my families experience I can tell you it’s been only one way. I rue the day that she started them

‘And I wish we could take her off them without feeling like we are putting her in danger. I honestly do not know what has happened recently in society but the more we talk about “depression” and “mental health” the more incidence of it I see and hear about.

‘The mental hospitals are completely full at the moment with waiting lists. Teenagers are being checked into mental hospitals at rates never seen before. Antidepressant usage is at its highest it’s ever been but has anyone asked is anyone getting better?? Is anyone getting healthier or is it just the balance sheets of the various vested parties?? Hospitals/ pharmacies/ health practitioners/ mental health professionals/ pharma companies.

‘There are many fantastic people working in those areas that have given their lives to help and heal others but are they not also frustrated or worried about what’s going on?? Are they not also concerned at where this is heading? Surely there is a better way and let’s hope we get there soon for everyone’s sake.’