Legendary football commentator John, ‘Motty,’ Motson’ passed away today at the age of 77, and one Laytown man Fergal Lynch is left with a great souvenir of Motson’s last ever commentary the match programme signed by Motson.

Lynch, a long suffering Crystal Palace fan, was in Selhurst Park for the Eagles game against West Brom in 2018 and managed to get the signature after the game.

He told Meath Live,’I didn’t know it was to be his last game until near the end the PA guy announced it and told supporters they would have a chance to show their appreciation after the final whistle as the club were making a presentation to him on the pitch.

‘They gave him a large copy of the match programme in a frame and as he was walking from the pitch the crowd sang ‘There’s only one John Motson’ and he signed loads of programmes including mine.

‘It’s a nice bit of memorabilia to have, I am in my sixties now and John Motson’s voice was a constant part of my growing up and I am sure the same can be said for all football fans of that age.’

And for those of you who don’t know what he sounded like this is the video of his most iconic commentary the game between non league Hereford and first division Newcastle back in 1972, as he said himself afterwards, the match that made him.


Fergal Lynch