Volunteers with the Johnstown Tidy Towns have noticed an increase in the containers of Nitrous Oxide being found in the Peoples Park.

Worryingly the containers are the larger version rather than the small, silver bullet type, that were often found previously.

Commonly known as laughing gas due to the fact it makes people laugh uncontrollably after they inhale it, but it has serious side effects including throat spasms, hallucinations and can even send people unconscious.

Cannisters on the Commons Road

Councillor Alan Lawes, a volunteer with the group, told Meath Live, ‘We have found dozens and dozens of them since Christmas, it appears users hold parties in the park and also on the Commons Road where we have found plenty of them.

‘They can be bought online without any questions asked so parents need to be aware of what is being delivered to their house. I’d advise them to make themselves familiar with what these cannisters look like and if they are in a parents group on Whatsapp or any social media share the pictures.’

The video below shows the containers the group found