Almost 3000 drivers will have to transfer to a new location to sit their test after the Road Safety Authority, (RSA), announced the closure of their Test Centre in Drogheda,
And finding a new location is proving difficult as any proposed location must be sited on a suitable test route and there are limited options due to several issues mainly because of traffic congestion in the town

The Authority says it is now in the process of contacting the 2,700 customers who have applied for a driving test there and they are being asked to transfer their application to an alternative centre, such as Navan or Dundalk.

A spokesperson claimed the centre in Drogheda is closing due to the expiry of the lease and despite efforts to extend it, the RSA was unable to allay the concerns of local residents

Those awaiting a test are being assured that they will not lose their place in the queue, and they will slot into the queue relative to other candidates who have already applied to that centre.

This may lead to some candidates receiving an invite to book their test earlier than they would in Drogheda as other centres such as Dundalk are larger with more driver testers assigned.

The RSA says the process of trying to identify a suitable location to site a driving test centre in Drogheda has been “very difficult, protracted, and frustrating”. Traffic has been fealt form local garden centre close by the RSA.

The RSA says that along with the OPW it continues to look for a suitable site.