The High Court in Belfast refused to rescind the licence of Garfield Beattie today despite the man that murdered Denis Mullen having sent threats to Denis’ daughter Denise. Speaking after the decision Aontú Cllr Denise Mullen stated;

“I’m deeply hurt by today’s court decision. Garfield Beattie murdered my father in front of me when I was only 4 years old. He tried to murder my mother and he inflicted immeasurable damage on my mental health and that of my loved ones. Very recently I received a deeply disturbing threat against me from this man  in the name of the East Tyrone Ulster Volunteer Force. This intimidation has had a serious effect on me since. It’s difficult to understand the decision of the High Court. Many others have had their Good Friday Agreement licences  revoked for far less. Beattie, who had 9 years in prison left to serve will now remain free, at  large in my community”.

“Its especially difficult to hear Mr Beattie speak of his mental health in court given the impact of this threat against my family, his murder of my father and attempted murder of my mother. I am hurt and annoyed by this decision. I’ve spoken to my legal team and we intend to proceed with civil action. There are so many forgotten victims and survivors of the troubles. It is important that we create a system whereby those affected can pursue justice. My father was a great man, who opposed violence and fought for peace. I remain committed to fighting for truth, justice and reconciliation in our community



“The Aontú Bill would have the power to investigation British state murder and collusion by summoning people and papers in the south. It could also take evidence from people abroad and it could include evidence already contained in existing state investigations into collusion carried out in  the north and in Britain. We in Aontú are not going to give up on the campaign for truth and justice