An Irish singer who has wowed the judges on the hit American TV show, American Idol, is refusing to disclose who the mystery Irishman is that wooed her during lockdown and who features in the song ‘Don’t Call Me’, which she sang before 5 million viewers last week.

Keelin McGinn, (25), from Dungarvan county Waterford, was asked by one of the judges, singing superstar Lionel Richie, who the song was about but would only say, ‘He was someone who was love bombing me and he was giving me all the right words but then he was gone.’

Yesterday she would only say, ‘ I won’t be disclosing who it is because I don’t even think he knows it’s about him, haha!

‘And if he does know then he hasn’t mentioned it. It was during the lockdown when I was living back in my family home in Ireland. He has contacted me since the show, but I ignored him! Too many mind games.’

McGinn’s magical voice had Richie and his fellow judges, pop star Katy Perry and country star Luke Bryan out of their seat and dancing, as she won the shows Golden Ticket to advance to the next round which will be held in Hollywood.

She admits performing in front of musical royalty did get to her.

‘I don’t normally get nervous, I get excited, but I’ve never done anything as big as this before.

‘The nerves definitely hit when I saw the judges for the first time in the audition room, they are all so talented and established, you can’t help but be intimidated!

‘I’m absolutely honoured I got the opportunity to perform for them, it was one of the most surreal moments of my life.

‘I am from Meath but moved to Dungarvan with my family,mum Brenda dad Benny and big brother Bréin, when I was seven. I went to St. Augustine’s College secondary school and then moved to Cork and studied Popular Music at Cork School of Music. I moved to America in May 2021.

‘ My goal is to be a full time artist, but right now I am bartending. I fully financially supporting my artistry myself and being an independent artist is not cheap, especially if you want to regularly release music and stay consistent, which is important to succeed.

‘I just believe in a positive outlook leading to a positive result. I am big into manifestation and speaking things into existence. That’s why I refer to myself as a future global pop sensation! It’s coming!

‘I am releasing my next single “Serious” on March 31st. You can find me on all streaming platforms “KEELIN” and on all social media @keelinkat’