Cllr. Damien O’Reilly has expressed his concern regarding the delay in delivering 58 school building projects across the country which includes Enfield Community College and O’Carolan College Nobber. These projects were originally planned to commence before the end of this year but are now on hold due to the roll-out of the national development plan.

He told Meath Live, “I’m seriously concerned about the impact this delay will have on the education system, especially with the influx of refugees and the need for additional school places. If the projected school places and schools that were supposed to be ready for next September are not going to happen, the consequences will be severe.

“Urgent action is needed to identify the root cause of this delay and to find a solution. The building of schools is a high priority for the government, and it is crucial that capital funding pressures are addressed to ensure the timely delivery of these critical projects.”

The Department’s Planning and Building Unit is currently assessing its work programme and priorities for 2023 in the context of overall requirements and available funding. Cllr. O’Reilly understands that the Department is engaging with the Department of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform in relation to capital funding pressures.

“I will continue to monitor this situation closely and will work to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to minimise project delays and ensure the successful rollout of school building projects to tender and construction in 2023,” concluded Cllr. O’Reilly.