A bizarre, and worrying incident occurred in Ashbourne over the weekend.

A Facebook post claimed that a woman was spoken to by a man she did not know at the 103 bus stop at Dunnes Stores on Frederick Street and when she repeatedly asked him to leave he didn’t.

The anxious woman then decided to return home and as she did so the man followed her and allegedly stood outside her house for a quarter of an hour before he left.

The post is below and a picture of the man involved is above.

Gardai have been contacted for comment.

Mónica Tortosa

This guy has been harassing my friend at the 103 stop in front of the dunnes store in Ashbourne, he told her to go with him because he was bored and alone, she repeatedly told him no and to leave her alone when she saw that he didn’t stop she came home because she got scared and followed her here and stayed 15 minutes at the door of the house signalling for her to come out.