Sinn Fein TD for Meath West Johnny Guirke has blasted local councillors over their decision to vote through the roads programme for the Northern part of the county.



Guirke and Kells LEA Councillor Michael Gallagher have once again raised the bad conditions of roads in North Meath which affects 450 workers travelling to work every day.

Guirke told Meath Live, ‘Over ten years ago we began a campaign called ‘Better Roads for North Meath’.

This was set up because the roads in North Meath were so bad that you could plant trees in the potholes due to the size of them.

‘Unfortunately, not much has changed since then, as roads are left to break up and deter, so much so that it’s affecting 450 workers traveling to work everyday.

‘The roads are so bad that Constituents are calling my phone regularly to say that they have had to pay out on new tyres, new shocks, and maintenance on their vehicles due to the damage caused by poor roads.

‘I have said on record that the three year roads programme doesn’t go far enough to fixing the problem of roads in North Meath. In my opinion it’s a disgrace that this roads programme was passed by local councillors.

Cllr Gallagher said, ‘These roads need fixing in 2023, and people shouldn’t have to wait until 2025 in the hope these roads might be included in the next three year roads programme.

‘North Meath roads don’t need a temporary solution of filling in the holes, they need a permanent  fix on the problem, covering over the cracks still leaves the issue underneath.’

Guirke concluded,

Cllr Gallagher

‘What I can’t understand is how Councillors could vote on road plans when they see how bad these are in North Meath.

‘It’s shocking to think that they could stand over decisions like this knowing it would be at least 4/5 years before they are fixed.

‘This is just one example of a road in north Meath, and there are many more that affect families going to work, or bringing children to schools everyday.

I would like to invite the current transport Minister Eamon Ryan out to North Meath to visit these roads and explain to me in person why they are left to fall apart.