Sports Minister and Local Fianna Fáil TD, Thomas Byrne, has confirmed the Irish Government’s support for the submission of a final bid by the FAI for the co-hosting of EURO 2028 by Ireland and the UK.


“The final bid has now been submitted to UEFA by the five football associations. The extensive work conducted by the bid partners in the lead up to this bid has shown not only the scale of the economic opportunity presented by the tournament, but also the potential to build a lasting legacy for football, tourism, and communities.


“The Government would like to see the tournament engage the entire country, young and old, and from all of our communities. Should Ireland and our partners be chosen as the hosts of this prestigious event, the Government will work to ensure that the legacy benefits are maximised to the benefit of all and towards making this tournament the most sustainable and inclusive ever held on these islands.


“I am confident that we can co-host a fantastic tournament for football fans which will place Ireland on the world stage. The UEFA EURO Championship is one of the largest sporting events in the world and if chosen to host by UEFA, the tournament will be harnessed to champion social impact programmes and to use football to drive positive change in our clubs and communities.

“Hosting Euro 2028 in Ireland would be a tremendous occasion not just for football but for the region and the whole country. From a sporting point of view, it represents an enormous opportunity for football’s development in Ireland and to leave a lasting legacy in this regard.” Minister Byrne commented.