A Donacarney schoolboy last night got four ‘yeses’ on Britain’s Got Talent with Simon Cowell branding him “amazing”.

Cillian O’Connor (13), wowed the judges with his amazing magic tricks, bravely overcoming Autism and Dyspraxia to get a standing ovation from the audience and panel.

Simon was simply stunned when Cillian correctly told him he had thought of the Seven of Diamonds playing card, and also the correct figure of 2500 jellybeans he perched in a jar front of him on his desk.

“Wow, you are unbelievably talented, said Simon. “Seriously. That absolutely absolutely freaked me out, when I saw that (the 2500 figure).

“There is something really really incredible about you and I do believe in magic and you are such an amazing performer, brilliant, brill

A second judge, actress Amanda Holden agreed.

“You have made me and Alesha (Dixon) a mess, you were amazing,” she stated. “I mean absolutely phenomenal, great showmanship. I’m really glad that magic has changed your life and given you so much confidence. But above all of that you are a little superstar so well done.”

The other two judges were equally enthusiastic, Alesha added: “I loved everything about it but especially love you, your passion, your personality and it’s clear to everyone just how much this means to you which makes this extra special.”

New judge Bruno Tonioli was also holding back the tears.

“I was totally totally captivated by what you were doing,” he exclaimed. “For somebody so young it’s an incredible quality. You have a fantastic future in front of you.”

When Cillian got four ‘yeses’ his proud mum Elaine rushed onstage to hug him and told him he was “amazing”.

Watch Cillian here;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpE_6301hpU