Ashbourne councillor Joe Bonner has called on the Dublin Airport Authority, (DAA), to stick to the rules and use only the recommended flight paths from the airport in a last ditch bid to end a long running dispute between local residents and the DAA over noise from low flying aircraft.

Speaking to Meath Live after a meeting, which drew a crowd of hundreds, in Ashbourne last night, Bonner said, ‘ There were a lot of angry people in attendance and they have every right to be upset, but there was a general agreement that if the DAA stood by what was agreed and stuck to the rules and used the agreed flight paths there would not be as big a problem.

‘The other main thing to emerge from the meeting was the fact the community feel totally ignored by the DAA, there is a complete lack of communication, they feel they are being bullied by a huge company.

‘The World Health Organisation has made a determination in relation to the insulation of houses near flight paths and all 39 councillors in Fingal agreed to include this in their county development plan but the Minister, Kieran O’Donnell, has requested they remove that paragraph from the plan.

‘I feel that is a Minister overstepping the mark in favour of multinationals and it clearly illustrates what residents are up against, they are battling the full might of the state,

‘But as I said the simple solution is for the DAA to stick to the rules.’